In-house X-Ray Services
Our mission is to provide affordable best in class health care:
   - Affordable/Convenient - Same day/Weekday/weekend appointments
   - Most services available in premise (Lab/X-Ray/Ultrasound etc)
   - Contact us at your convenience via internet/phone/email
Bala Family Practice is looking for board certified Physicians
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- Sriram Bala MD
   - Jennifer Kurman PA-C

Laboratory Services
Suzana Radulovic MD PhD

In House Labroratory
      services :
Complete Blood Count
   - Comprehensive Metabolic
   - Lipid Panel
   - ESR
   - Urinanalysis
   - Pregnancy Test
   - Thyroid Test
   - Testosterone
   - Prostate Specific Antigen
     - Except the following:
     - Kaiser
     - Maryland Physicians Care
     - Amerigroup

Treadmill Exercise Stress Test and Micro Volt T Wave Alternans...more info
News From Bala Family Practice
In-House X-Ray Services
Bala Family Practice installed x-ray equipment in the clinic and has a Radiologic Technologist on site to perform the X-ray exams.
Now Offering TNE (Trans-Nasal
   Esophagoscope Endoscopy)
Transnasal Esophagoscopy is a test to look at your esophagus (the food tube that goes from your mouth into your stomach). This test is done by passing a flexible viewing tube through your nose and the back of your throat into the esophagus. We do this test to find the cause of problems with your voice or with swallowing, heartburn, and other symptoms. more info

Workmans Compensation 
- In-house Digital X-Rays
- In-house Drug Testing with chain of Custody
- Comprehensive Physical Therapy Program referral
- Turnkey contact with employers to return 
   emplyoees to gainful employment
Lab Services Performed in-house
Bala Family Practice also offers state-of-the-art in
-house lab services.

Bone Densitometry for Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

   Evaluating Dizziness  and 
  Fall Prevention
 The Vestibular Autorotation  Test(VAT®) evaluates how well  the inner ear is functioning. The test results are also used to design a treatment plan specific to your patient's problem..
Arthritis Care SynviscOne:

 Synvisc-One® (hylan G-F 20) is the only treatment that can deliver up to 6 months of osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain relief with just one injection..more info
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